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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2007

Strongarm would rather work than fight, just like his friend Signal Flare. He is an electronics and physics genius who builds weapons and other gear for the Autobots. Good natured and friendly, he always has a joke for any situation, and keeps up a constant stream of conversation while he works, either with other robots in the room, or with his voice-activated computer. He may not charge into battle all that often, but as the guy who keeps their gear in good order, he's seen as invaluable by the other Autobots.

Robot Mode: Strongarm makes for a stocky, very strong-looking robot. He has some balance problems, as the 'toes' (really the car windshield) only lock into position in a way that makes him prone to toppling over backwards. But his posability is decent enough so he can compensate that. Detailing is okay and the military-style colouring makes him look like a warrior. I kinda like that the Autobot symbol is actually engraved on his shoulder rather than just painted on. As a weapon Strongarm carries a big Energon ax that can also serve as either a hand-held or shoulder-mounted rifle. All in all a good robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: A military-style Jeep with Sector Seven markins on it serves as Strongarm's alternate mode. The jeep is nothing spectacular, but looks like it is supposed to, so no complaints here. Strongarm's Energon ax splits apart into a spare wheel sitting on the back of the jeep and a cannon / crane that sits on top. Not the most spectacular vehicle mode ever, but decent.

Remarks: Strongarm started life as one of the Omnicons in Energon. He was repainted twice, once for Energon and now for the Movie line. In the Movie continuity he was supposed to be a Sector Seven jeep that was given life by the Allspark, but that never happened on-screen nor did Strongarm score an appearance. Still, as a supplementary figure Strongarm isn't bad and he has one of the best Energon weapons I've ever seen. There is just something cool about a big battle ax. So while Strongarm isn't in any way spectacular, he's a solid figure and worth getting.

Rating: B

Tags: - Autobot - Hasbro - Military Vehicle - Movie

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Published 22.09.2007
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