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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Burger King Toy
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: This version of Optimus Prime is a mostly blue, immobile statue of the character, displayed in a kneeling pose. There really isn't anything he can do except kneel there. He has a little wheel on the bottom with a wind-up engine so he can race over the ground.

--Review--Robot Mode: Starscream is displayed slightly leaner here than he is in the Movie and he is much more posable than Optimus Prime. He can in fact move his arms at the shoulders. As a gimmick Starscream has a chest that kind of reminds me of an old He-Man figure from Mattel. Hit the chest, and a panel spins to reveal battle damage. A second hit displays even more damage.

Alternate Mode: Prime doesn't transform, instead he can hide inside a truck shell consisting of two halves. The truck halves split open by themselves if you wind him up and let him drive across the ground.

Alternate Mode: This version of Starscream has no alternate mode. Can we call him an Action Master then?

Remarks: Burger King featured a small line of Transformers-related toys to go with the Movie opening. Sadly they weren't informed about the Movie being pushed back here in Germany, so by the time it reached the screens, the Transformers toys were already gone and replaced by Simpson toys. Anyway, I wanted to put these two little guys up at my site, but I decided against rating them. They can't really be measured against other figures in my collection. So I'll just say that they're kinda funny (especially Starscream's He-Man gimmick) and leave it at that.

Rating: N/A

Tags: - Autobot - Burger King Toy - Decepticon - Hasbro - Movie - Optimus Prime (Movie) - Robot/Human (non-transforming) - Truck

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Published 12.09.2007
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