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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legends
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: An old saying goes if you have nothing positive to say about something, don't say anything. So I should stop writing right here. Ratchet in robot mode is boxy, ugly, and the wrong shade of green to boot. Posability is pretty restricted and the figure is just... ugly. Can't find a better word. Give this one a pass!

Vehicle Mode: The vehicle mode is Ratchet's only slightly redeeming feature. It looks more or less okay, if quite unspectacular, and the colour difference compared to the real thing is quite noticeable. Still, of Ratchet's two modes, this one is by far the better.

Remarks: Ratchet is the final figure I picked up at the Hasbro press event to get a review here at TFU. The main reason for that is that he sucks, so it took me a while to get around to reviewing him. I don't like to do bad reviews, but there really is nothing redeeming about Legends Ratchet. He's boxy, ugly, and offers almost no play value. Dish out the extra money for the Voyager version, because this one here is bad, really bad.

Rating: D-

Tags: - Autobot - Car - Hasbro - Movie

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Revenge of the Fallen Ratchet (2009) 

Published 27.08.2007
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