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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2007

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft

Victory lies in the conquest of unknown mysteries
Jetfire was once famous across the face of Cybertron. As a great scientist and explorer, he was the first to journey to the black depths of space and the only one to ever face and defeat the Star pirates of the Blot Nebula. It was because of his status as a hero that his sudden disappearance was greeted with worldwide dismay. He was discovered millions of years later, frozen deep within the Arctic glacier on Earth, and rose immediately to the challenge presented by the Decepticons. He is among the mightiest and bravest of the Autobots, diving into battle without a moment's hesitation, the stuttering roar of his particle beam repeaters drowning out all other sounds.

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  Jetfire (G1)



Missile Launchers (2x)
Missiles (2x)
Turbo Thrusters


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