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 Optimus Prime

Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Leader 
Year: 2008

Alternate Mode: Truck

For millions of years, the only constant in the lives of the citizens of Cybertron has been change. Millions of years of war have left much of the once beautiful machine world a jumbled chaos of shattered metal and melted slag. Throughout it all, only one robot stands like a bulwark against which the chaos breaks, and washes back. Optimus Prime is the greatest commander of the Autobots and the symbol of the best they have to offer - honor, compassion, justice. He is the ultimate warrior against the evil of Megatron, and the best hope Cybertron has of ever achieving peace.

He emerged like a savior from the darkest time of the war; an unknown, chosen to lead, and granted the power and wisdom of every leader that had come before. Though before the war he had been a simple archivist, the power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership transfigured him. He became a warrior powerful enough to oppose even the unstoppable Megatron, motivated by the love of peace and honor he had learned in his study of the history of his world. If there is a victory to be won, it is Optimus Prime who will lead the Autobots to it.

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