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   Released by Takara

 Black Widow

Series: Beast Wars Japan
Figure ID: D-08
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 1997

Alternate Mode: Animal: Insect/Spider

Tags: Fembots

Moving like a venomous shadow under a midnight moon, Blackarachnia is an evil temptress posing as a Predacon double agent! Capable of converting thermal energy into poisonous cyber-venom, she lures Maximals into her darkened den and then stuns them by firing a poison-tipped missile! After restraining them in her powerful legs, she then sinks her fangs into their armor to suck their life-force dry.
(Profile of the US-version Blackarachnia)

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  Blackarachnia (BW)



Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook
Missile Launcher
Missile Launcher
Spider Leg Missiles
Spider Leg Missiles


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