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Series: Beast Wars Metals
Side: Cybertron

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CybertronAirazor, C-45 (1998)   5 of 5 Stars determined by 1 User Ratings
Deluxe Transmetal 
CybertronBlack Widow, C-48 (1999)
Mega Transmetal II 
CybertronCheetus, C-42 (1999)
Deluxe Transmetal 
CybertronCheetus, C-49 (1999)
Deluxe Transmetal II 
CybertronConvoy, C-40 (1999)   4 of 5 Stars determined by 1 User Ratings
Mega Transmetal 
CybertronDepth Charge, C-46 (1998)
Ultra Transmetal 
CybertronPowered Convoy, C-47 (1999)
Ultra Transmetal 
CybertronRattle, C-43 (1999)
Deluxe Transmetal 
CybertronRattle Special Version (1999)
Deluxe Transmetal Store Exclusive
CybertronRhinox, C-44 (1998)
Deluxe Transmetal 
CybertronSilverbolt, C-41 (1998)
Deluxe Fuzor 
CybertronTigerfalcon, C-50 (1999)
Ultra Transmetal II 

12 results found





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